The Best Overall E-Bike Value Right Now

Question: What e-bike should you buy right now?

Answer: The Haibike XDURO RX 29er

The Haibike XDURO RX 29er is hands down the best overall value purchase right now. Why? For one, it’s on sale right now for $3495, down from $4000. That’s a huge savings and at $3495 you get the BOSCH ebike system, which is hands down the best overall system to own at the moment.

But when you buy the Haibike RX 29er now you also get a 2nd set of road-biased tires FREE with purchase.

That means you get a 2 for one bike with the RX that is not only a great deal, a great bike, but has the best ebike system to boot.

The Haibike RX  29er is a wonderful bike to ride both on and off road. As a 29er this is the real deal and skimps at nothing. As a commuter, it’s got a great riding position and is quick on pavement. If 20MPH is too slow for your appetite, we can make them go 28MPH with a simple modification for $200.

The Best Ebike To Own Now

The BOSCH system is hands down the best ebike drive system made. It will last you years and years with out a glitch. You’ll have great range on your bike- up to 90 miles in ECO mode and the power and feel and overall ownership experience is just top notch.

This is why we call this bike the #1 Ebike To Own Right now.

Motostrano has them in stock in all sizes, all colors. Get one or two. And we even throw in 2 free tune-ups and a free bottle of wine with purchase!


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